Hey, I'm Heather!

I'm a licensed naturopath and unlicensed free thinker.

I harbour an endless curiosity about what makes for vibrant health.

This curiosity has nurtured a quest to learn what's shaking up the world of wellness - fresh ideas, inspiring people, fabulous food, and things that make you go 'hmm'.

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The Acorn is all about bringing that journey to you.

Hint: the journey to being your best you - you know, that one with heaps of energy and enthusiasm, turning heads as you go by - is resoundingly not about what you 'should’ be doing. It's about pursuing the things that bring you joy.


My Wellness Philosophy


“If you have good thoughts

they will shine out of your face like sunbeams

and you will always look lovely”. 

Roald Dahl


Wellness is the sum of many parts. It begins with the exercise and the food that’s right for you. Your constitution and your climate make a difference. It’s highly dependent on the community you find yourself in, and how closely knit that community is. Genetics play a part (but not the whole part). Your attitude towards life is an enormous piece of the puzzle. Ditto friendships. The quality and quantity of your sleep matters.

In short, it’s about the whole picture. The Acorn aims to simplify the noise and give you the inside skinny on what really works. Years of turning over rocks and digging up data has resulted in a surprising conclusion. As it turns out, the truth about wellness is much less complicated than we’ve been led to believe. 

Here’s what wellness is about: It’s about food: real, homemade food. It’s about who you eat that food with. It’s about pursuing an active lifestyle doing things you enjoy. It’s about spending time with loved ones. About getting outside. About hobbies, quiet contemplation, community, dancing and joy. Getting a good night’s sleep, and paying attention to the bigger picture. And yes, it’s definitely about a little bit of chocolate.

In a word, it’s all about balance.

The Acorn philosophy? Do more of what makes you happy!

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Things that bring me joy

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